TorqueTech 6 Month Parts Warranty

This warranty covers:

  • Manufacturing defects causing electrical failure within 6 months.
  • Damage and cosmetic damage (deep gouges, chips, dents and scratches) caused through poor transit to you.

This warranty does not cover:

  • Accidental damage caused through collision with an object or person or as a result of dropping the bike or part, or the bike falling over.
  • Negligence: damage caused as a result of failure to carry out initial and regular safety checks, or failure to maintain the bike or its parts in accordance with the manual, the recommended rider weight being exceeded, excessive or constant use of the throttle, riding under the influence of drink or drugs, riding in dusty/sandy environments, riding on very poorly maintained roads, off road, through deep puddles or fords, in snow, riding carelessly or stunt riding.
  • Minor faults on arrival: loose fixings (nuts, bolts, screws,), loose spokes, loose cables deemed resolvable with minimal intervention, Minor cosmetic damage - hairline scratches or barely visible chips, marks or dents.
  • This warranty expressly excludes consequential loss, injury or hardship as a result of electrical or mechanical breakdown, accident or collision or as the result of a faulty part.
  • Our liability is limited strictly to repair or replacement of the part.