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Sensorless Brushless Motor Controller DC 24V/36V 250W 6-FET 15A KT Square

Sensorless Brushless Motor Controller DC 24V/36V 250W 6-FET 15A KT Square

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6 fet 15A KT torque simulation sensorless brushless controller.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a sensorless brushless motor controller, intended for motors with only 3 wires. If your motor has 8 or 9 wires, it can be used with this controller without the hall sensors connected, by just connecting the 3 thick motor wires.

Although this controller can be used without an LCD display, one is required to use its full functionality and access advanced configuration options. I stock the following compatible LCD displays:






Technical Data:

Model: KT24/36ZWSRH-HRD01
Compatible with KT LCD Displays
Input Voltage: DC 24V or 36V (Universal)
Min. Voltage: DC20V/30±0.5V
Max. Current: 15±1A
Speed set: 1-4.2V
Brake Input: Low-Level
Size: 86x52x31mm
Color: Silver
Weight: 220g
6 pcs MOSFET
Application: Max. 24V/36V 250W
Fits sensorless motor

24V or 36V Universal (supports both voltages)
This controller functions with & without PAS (Pedal Assist Sensor)
Support hydraulic brake sensor or brake sensor connector
Support LED Control Panel or LCD Control Panel
Support 24V or 36V Light Control
Support speed limit to 70%
Support cruise function
Support speaker and LED light
Support regenerative braking function (must use our LCD Display together to activate this function)
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